Your little one has mastered that balance bike but you're not too keen on the idea of jumping right on a gas-powered dirt bike just yet. That step up is significant, especially for younger riders. Dirt bikes are heavier, faster, and the risk of injury or heat burn from the motor is substantially higher.

But if you just wait for them to grow, it slows your kid's progression and they lose out on valuable seat time. So, what's the solution? Enter Superbolt.

Lose the Intimidation, Keep the Thrill

With a Superbolt, the transition from a regular balance bike is smoother and less intimidating. For starters, Superbolts are much lighter than dirt bikes, so when they fall off (and they will), they can easily pick it up and hop back in the saddle. And without a gas-powered motor, you can rest easy knowing the risk of burn injuries is non-existent.

And what about those days you don't feel like packing up and spending the day at the track? No worries, the Superbolt can be ridden pretty much anywhere — at the park, even in the back yard. With no loud motor to annoy the neighbors, kids can enjoy hours of riding whenever they want.

February 02, 2023