Kickstart the Passion, Ride Sooner, Ride Safer

Designed with Parents in Mind

Are you the proud mom or dad of a future shredder? Superbolt was designed to offer a lighter and safer introduction to riding, without compromising any of the thrill.

Best Warranty in the Industry

We know kids are tough on bikes. All Superbolt's are covered by our industry-leading warranty, including at least 2 years of coverage on most components.

Introducing Your New Riding Partner

Two sizes fit most 3–7 year olds

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Ages 3-8

No Sound, More Ground

With a stealthy electric motor, Superbolt keeps the noise down so your little one can ride virtually anywhere, anytime, and neighbors won't complain.

Faster Development

Waiting to start out on a dirt bike sets your kid back. Instead, get them on a Superbolt as young as 3 and watch their potential be realized sooner.

Electric Balance Bike

A Safer Alternative

It's lighter and less intimidating than a gas-powered dirt bike. And with no risk of burn injuries from the motor, it means peace of mind for everyone.

Where Was Superbolt When I Was a Kid?

It's the electric balance bike you wish you had growing up. But since those carefree days of youth are long gone, why not do the next best thing and let your kids enjoy the thrill of the ride?

Watch the video to see what we mean

Better Foot Pegs - Electric Balance Bike like Stacyc

Real-Feel Foot Pegs

More range of motion than traditional platforms, the Superbolt foot pegs will better prepare kids for the feel of riding a gas-powered dirt bike.

More Seat Time

With its quiet motor and light weight, the Superbolt can be ridden pretty much anywhere. And an easy-change battery setup means more riding and less waiting.

3 Speed Modes - Electric Balance Bike Similar to Stacyc

Effortless Speed Change

With three speed modes, it's the perfect next step up from a balance bike. Even the little ones won't feel intimidated using the easy-to-change throttle.