Superbolt 5ah Battery


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Take your Superbolt experience to the next level with the Superbolt 5ah Battery. This powerful and reliable battery offers 45-70 run time with the BB-16HS and longer with BB-12 and BB-16, giving you even more time to explore and adventure.

With its compact design and compatibility with all Superbolt models, the Superbolt 5ah Battery is a must-have for any avid eBike rider. It charges in just 70-80 minutes, allowing you to get back on the road quickly and efficiently.

While the Superbolt 4ah Battery is perfect for most riders, those who want even longer rides and more power should consider upgrading to the 5.0 ah battery with the BB-16 HS.

Experience the freedom and excitement of longer, uninterrupted rides with the Superbolt 5ah Battery. Upgrade your Superbolt today and take your eBike adventures to the next level.